"Our home selling/buying experiences with TomKat Realty started over a year ago.  My wife was battling a serious health issue at the time so we needed someone with flexibility and understanding as we attempted to fulfill our dream of moving out of our beach townhome and into a single family home while my wife was undergoing treatment.  Choosing Tom Steck and Kathryn Larkin was the best decision we could have made.  Tom and Kathryn (The TomKat Team) are true professionals and great people to work with.  We were all tested as my wife’s condition worsened just as we started to get interest in the townhouse we were selling.  We had to suspend our listing for several months.  The TomKat Team were supportive and never pressured us during this time.  Sadly, my wife passed away and I was faced with having to proceed by myself.  The TomKat Team were very sensitive and reassuring to me as we restarted the process.  They found a buyer for my townhouse in short order and helped me find a new home that was perfect for me.  I couldn’t have done this without them and always felt like they had my back every step of the way.  I can honestly say that my entire experience with The TomKat Team exceeded my expectations and would highly recommend them for your next real estate transaction."


“I had assumed it would be an easy sale so I tried it myself. Many seemed interested...Finally, I listed with Kathryn and Tom and they had it sold and closed in a matter of weeks.”


”Finding a good realtor here in Florida has been difficult. This was our third investment property purchase and we have never kept the previous realtors. We will definitely use Tom again. He’s knowledgeable, understanding of our needs, and on top of things. Best realtor we’ve had here in Florida! And we are not easy to please as we have high expectations with our experience in real estatel”

Anthony and Mandy

“Kathryn & Tom made everything easy as always. Their network is reliable and extensive.”

Tracey and Cathy

"I want you to know it has been my pleasure to work with someone like you with such degree of professionalism and dedication."


“Always followed up – stayed in touch – very professional...”

Mary Jo

“Their knowledge and experience in helping us with a “Long Distance” purchase was a superb!”


“I am very impressed by her work ethic. She always took the time to patiently answer all of my questions, which made my first time home buying experience so much easier. Also, just as important, her connections within the industry make her an outstanding agent.”


"I knew they would be good, but I was not prepared for their attentiveness - they have other clients but they were always available, thoughtful and ever so knowledgeable."


"Kathryn was great in every way. Thanks to her I'm alright  now."


“Tom Steck made our experience easy, We only saw the property once and went home to long island NY, and all rest was done by e-mail and phone.  As I said, easy!!!!!!"

Anthony and MaryLouise

"All your asistance made our dream of owning a home a reality, we cannot thank you enough."


"Tom Steck was very professional, responsive to our needs, knowledgeable, friendly, and helped us with all the steps in the
process. We were very successful and feel we found a great house for our situation."


"You were always very supportive and willing to go beyond what most realtors would do for their clients."


"A short time ago you sent me a brochure saying you MAKE SALES HAPPEN...  it worked!"


"I had the house on the market for 6 months FOR SALE BY OWNER, before turning the property over to you and within two weeks you called with a contract that resulted in the sale."


"Friendly, knowledgeable and professional."

Bob and Eileen

"...I am very impressed by her work ethic.  She always took the time to patiently answer all of my questions, which made my first home buying experience so much easier.  Also, just as important, her connections within the industry make her an outstanding agent."


"Concise information was always relayed in a timely manner so that we  alwas knew what was expected of us."

Robert and Beverly

"...when we placed our town-house, located in Bardmoor, on the market, Ms. Larkin wasted no time in advertising or having an open house, and twelve days later we had a signed contract."

Howard and Justine

“At a very difficult time for me, Kathryn walked me through the whole procedure...her patience and determination to find me what I needed - and she did it! She was a God Send!"


"You are more than a Realtor!"


"Selling my house after 20 years could have been quite traumatic but for your real estate expertise.  From our first meeting, when I expalined what i wanted, you got right on with it and never pressured me to accept any offers until the right one came along.  From the time we met I found you trustworthy and rather like a friend  than a business associate."


"She was honest and explained every detail to me, and I needed a lot of explaining! She helped me get through an emotional time, as I didn't want to move. I really appreciated her kindness and caring."