If you are selling..



If you’re Selling your House or Condo…

it’s the LITTLE things that count!!!

You may not recoup the value of most major improvements when you sell your house.  In fact, sometimes such additions can decrease its value. 

Instead, concentrate on updating two rooms that can help sell a house:  the KITCHEN and the BATHROOMS. 

If you don’t want to spend the kind of money to effectively update these rooms, some less expensive things to do are: 

  • Paint the front entrance, and put a couple of pots of geraniums by the door.
  • If rooms are even the slightest bit cluttered, remove some of the furniture.
  • Store personal mementos, and most personal pictures.
  • No more than 3 items per surface / Spaced together as a triangle.
  • No matter what you have in your closets, take at least half of it out.
  • Remove at least half of what you have on your kitchen counter.
  • Clean the house thoroughly, and keep the windows clean.  Hire a cleaning service if you must
  • Tighten any loose knobs or faucets.
  • Make sure the porch light and bell are working.
  • If it’s broke, fix it.